Our solutions cater for your specific needs and budget with configurable cabinet, cage, suite and private room options. Regardless of the colocation solution you choose, you can minimise your investment now and scale up when you’re ready.

Cages and cabinets are provided in a shared space. Cabinet space offers a dedicated 46U rack where you can install your equipment in the data centre. These cabinets are in a shared area alongside those of other customers, maximising the use of available space. Each cabinet has a dedicated power feed, provided from a shared power distribution system.

A cage provides you with your own secure space within a shared colocation area. Cabinets can be placed inside cages for added security. You share climate control, fire suppression system and power distribution with other customers.

Suites and private rooms provide dedicated space for increased security and can be tailored to your specific requirements.
A suite is similar to a cage. It is located inside a shared fire suppression and climate-controlled area in the data centre, and is separated from other customer areas by enclosed walls. Power is supplied in suites from dedicated PDUs and access control systems are exclusive to your suite for extra resilience. A dedicated private room is separated from other customer areas by enclosed walls. Power supplies from PDUs, cooling, access control and fire suppression systems are exclusive to your room for extra resilience.

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