Our experience managing a broad range of customer data centre requirements enables us to create a solution that matches your exact needs. Our flexible approach, locations and additional services also mean we can deliver solutions unique to every business.

Customers turn to Unicenter as a partner they can trust to house and manage their systems and business-critical applications, so their company can focus on growing the business and meeting strategic goals through the development and application of information technologies. Unicenter provides a suite of services from colocation to fully managed hosting, including Service Level Agreements for power, environmental, network and systems availability all the way up to available application-level SLAs with managed hosting services or private cloud enviroments.

Dedicated Servers

Built upon carefully selected hardware our dedicated servers are designed to meet the most demanding requirements for performance, power, speed and reliability. Unprecedented flexibility, especially with Fujitsu Primergy Servers, enables you to configure a dedicate server solution to meet exacting business needs. And features like monitoring, live backups, external storage, Private Cloud and advanced networking allow your company to create a customized infrastructure that delivers the unfailing end-user experience that drives your online business. The dedicated servers are supported by our in-house infrastructure experts who deploy, monitor and troubleshoot every aspect of your dedicated server so your company can focus on their core-business.

Colocation Facilities

Maintained round the clock by highly trained staff, Unicenters’ data centers are designed and equipped to the highest industry standards – raised floors, automatic fire extinguishing equipment, AC and DC power distribution, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), backup generators and multiple redundant fibre connections to all major carriers. Our colocations facilities are highly flexible and can be designed to meet your specific needs. Unicenter provides:

  • A wide range of power connections with full backup
  • Cost-effective cooling
  • Advanced fire and water detection systems
  • Multi-layer security to protect your data
  • Datacenters are certified for ISO 27001

Virtual Enviroments

Virtualization delivers cloud-like benefits, such as flexible compute, easy scaling and increased availability, with the reliability, ease of management and advanced features of Enterprise-class VMware virtualization technology. The ability to reduce hardware and consolidate applications with varying requirements in a single environment, provides IT organizations with better utilization of resources and improved cost savings.

From pre-installed VPS servers to fully virtualized cloud data-center solutions, Unicenter can provide services that spans the entire spectrum of an enterprise’s needs. Virtualisation services can be used standalone or in a hybrid environment of more than one service to address your requirements. When combined with our low-latency distribution network and consultative business model, Unicenter delivers a converged cloud that meets
end-to-end enterprise requirements for application security, privacy and performance. Collectively, these capabilities address enterprises that have substantial fluctuations in web traffic and mission-critical computing requirements from heavy business-day peaks or unplanned events.

Managed Hosting

With Managed Hosting, we take care of your technology so you can remain focused on your business. A fully managed hosting environment includes server hardware, operating system software, 24x7x365, patching, monitoring and technical support, reducing capital expenditures while ensuring high availability and receiving technical support. Customers can choose the level of management services on their servers, affording them flexibility from the operating system level through the application layer. Our managed firewall and intrusion prevention services protect your hosting environment by identifying and blocking threats, malicious attacks and unwanted access attempts.

Minimizing the risks of service interruptions requires a thorough and comprehensive strategy for maintaining continuity of services and support. Unicenter offers multiple options to minimize the chance of application downtime with intelligent network traffic management via managed load balancing services and redundant network access delivered through a carrier-neutral multi-provider network. Your data can be protected and made available through managed backup and restore & storage solutions.

Full service provider

At Unicenter we can offer you additional services needed to run your enviroment. As a result of our extensive infrastructure and partnerships Unicenter can offer you a wide range of “added-value” services. In combination with our expertise of years we will try to make your project a success. Listed below you will find some of our basic services. Talk to a knowledgeable sales representative for more information or for specific requirements Email or call our sales team at +31 20 222 4026.

Professional e-mail and collaboration services
Apart from the standard e-mailservices that are included with all our hostingsolutions Unicenter also offers solutions for more advanced use. These applications can give a genuine added value to your company or your project. Apart from a greater user convenience and reliability these services also offer a collaborationplatform with which you can share calendars, timetables or files, and synchronise information between pc and laptop or smartphone. We can also provide you with a professional anti-spam and anti-virus solutions to keep e-mail service free from spam and viruses.

Online Back-Up of your crucial information
Business data backup and recovery is more challenging today. Your business data is growing exponentially. It’s distributed across your networks around town or around the world. Regulations are complex. Business disruptions are costly. You need a cost-effective data backup and recovery solution that can make your critical business data available anytime, anywhere. Unicenter Backup provides end-to-end and cloud-based managed backup services to help you protect your business data, regardless of where it’s stored.

Security and SSL certificates
Unicenter’s SSL certificate solutions incorporate some of the world’s longest-serving and widely available root certificates. With roots in most wireless devices, web servers and browsers, Unicenter helps secure web connections to desktops, PDAs, phones and appliances allowing your users to conduct business with confidence. Unicenter offers a wide variety of options from the top of the line protection of VeriSign brand SSL certs to more budget-friendly options, but rest assured that all the cheap SSL certs on our site offer the protection your customers demand.