An introduction to Unicenter

Unicenter is a pioneer in the managed hosting industry, with more than a decade of experience managing complex, transaction-intensive applications for companies around the world. Our data centres provide secure and highly-connected environments for the IT and telecoms equipment that powers the digital economy.

Enjoy premium infrastructure and unrivalled connectivity with our colocation and managed hosting services.

With information technology at the heart of business, the infrastructure that supports it has become increasingly important. But has creating and maintaining a secure, resilient, highly-connected data centre environment become a costly distraction from your core business activity? As a data centre specialist, we offer an alternative. Outsource your data centre requirements to us and we can help you improve the availability and performance of your applications, enjoy greater security and offer your end-users a better experience.

Data centres and IT infrastructure is our core business; our server management solution includes proactive support, comprehensive server monitoring, hardware and resource trend reporting, hardware repair, operating system patch monitoring, alerting and installation services. We have inhouse expert hosting and networking teams that work 24/7 to monitor, diagnose and support servers from the hardware level all the way up to the operating system.

For each monitored server we set up a comprehensive runbook that records the procedures required to administer the system, including contingency handling. Any open support issues are logged in our issue tracking system, with status updates around the clock. Through performance counters and optional agents, we can provide a history of server activity, including disk usage, CPU utilisation and network activity.

We offer dedicated servers, colocation and managed hosting. These range from a single rack to dedicated suites and complete data floors with power available from as little as 1kW to multiple megawatts. Our team will help you build the appropriate environment for the servers and IT infrastructure that you wish to locate within the data centre, delivering your space in a way which meets and supports your business requirements.

Helping cloud providers meet the challenges of a dynamic market.

In the constantly and rapidly evolving cloud market the battle for dominance is raging. Infrastructure, Platform and Software as a Service providers are all locked in an increasingly competitive fight for service superiority and market share. Software (SaaS) providers also face the additional challenge of operational performance and understanding how their applications will perform in different environments.

Unicenter private Cloud enviroments are not a one-size-fits-all solution. With flexible configuration options, you can configure your cloud infrastructure to meet your unique needs. With access to a variety of standard options, you gain the flexibility to choose the appropriate configuration that meets both the capacity and performance requirements of your application workloads across many different types of use cases.

For any shared platform, it is essential that you are able to guarantee the absolute confidentiality, integrity and availability of your customers’ data. Our data centres are ideally suited to the secure delivery of cloud computing services, with extensive physical and data security that has been build to the ISO27001:2005 Security Management standard.

Providing a fully IPv6 enabled infrastructure for easy implementation

With the last of the IPv4 address pools running out, the need for the use of IPv6 increases every day. IPv6 is the “next generation” internet protocol designed to replace the current IPv4 addressing. Unicenter is leading the way with this integration which includes enhancements to address availability, routing and auto-configuration. Our commitment to remaining at the forefront of hosting technologies is a primary focus for us, and ensures that we continue to provide the best hosting solutions available for our customers. By default all our IPv6 solutions are also Dual Stacked, allowing you to support both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses simultaneously.

Solutions tailored to the unique requirements of entertainment applications including casual gaming, massively multiplayer online games (MMOGs) and virtual worlds.

These applications have unique requirements with regard to computing density, quantity and diversity of network connectivity, which Unicenter is uniquely qualified to provide from its European datacenters. Our network has been designed for optimal connectivity to provide the shortest and fastest path available.

With over 60Gbit/s backbone connectivity to all major exchanges together with our Brocade routers Unicenter’s network handles large volumes of traffic without the loss of performance. These backbone links are carefully chosen to ensure maximum connectivity with European ADSL and Cable providers to provide your end-users the best conditions for online gaming.

Our comprehensive tiered support will keep your infrastructure running

Our professional services team – comprising solutions architects, technical consultants and project managers – are all data centre specialists and can work with even the most complex solutions. They have many years of experience in designing and deploying all kinds of technology using industry best practice and innovative techniques. Our support engineers can provide remote hands for troubleshooting or maintenance tasks to reduce costs and maximize uptime.

We offer a range of IT infrastructure consulting services from pre-sales support where we share our experience gained in real world deployments, to solution design and delivery of complex solutions, such as WAN implementation, data centre consolidation and large-scale ecommerce. We also offer post-sales consultancy to help you upgrade or optimise your infrastructure.